Wood Certificates

Certificates of Source

Having a documented source on the tonewoods built into your instruments is becoming more important with time. Wood species can be added to restricted lists in the future. Documentation now may eliminate future legal issues. Eco-friendly sourcing is important to many consumers. Documenting the salvaged and otherwise eco-friendly sourcing of tonewoods you use, adds desirability to your instrument. Finally, knowing the story behind the woods in your guitar adds persona and heritage, right out of the box. These Certificates provide added value to the instruments built from our tonewoods.

Click on any link below to download a Certificate of Source for the tonewoods you have purchased from us. The Certificates can be filled out online and printed, or printed and filled in later. Please consider printing your client's certificate on archival paper, so it will last the lifetime of your guitar.

Certificates of Source from Oregon Wild Wood

Douglas Fir

Ebony - Macassar


Maple - Western Big Leaf

Maple - Rock




Port Orford Cedar


Sitka Spruce

Walnut Bastogne

Walnut Claro (Item numbers up to 02380 & from 05683 to 05729 & from 14744 to 14819)

Walnut Claro (All other Claro Walnut Items)

Walnut - Franquette

Walnut - Grafted Franquette/Claro

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