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Guitar Tonewood

Guitar tonewood is fundamental to the construction of exceptional guitars.  Oregon Wild Wood currently offers over 2,500 guitar tonewood sets - all individually pictured in great detail.   The guitar tonewood you select will determine the cost, sound,  weight playability and appearance of your guitar.  When selecting guitar tonewood, don't settle for anything but the best.  We consider the finest guitar tonewood to be those species with superior projection and sustain.

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More about Guitar Tonewood

Tonewood is the term generally used to designate wood with desirable and consistent resonant qualities, fundamental to good guitar tonewood. The visual appeal and weight of guitar tonewood are also important factors

Great Guitar Tonewood = Great Guitars

Guitars vary greatly in sound, look and playability. Different designs, quality of craftsmanship, electronics and choice of guitar tonewood make them sound, look and feel different from one another. It's the luthiers' goal to combine the best of these elements to create the next masterpiece. Our task is seeking and offering the finest guitar tonewood available to make that goal a reality.  Each tonewood species and cut has its own unique characters that affect guitar tonewood.

  • The grain structure of guitar tonewood affects the tone of your guitar
  • The wood colors, patterns, figuring and chatoyance of guitar tonewood affect the appearance of your guitar
  • The sap viability of guitar tonewood affects the tonal quality of your guitar
  • The wood density of guitar tonewood affects the tone and weight of your guitar
  • The way the wood of the guitar tonewood is cured will affect the tone, look, and structural stability of your guitar
  • The amount it's played will affect the tone of your guitar (the more, the better)

Some of the finest guitar tonewood comes from the US Pacific NW. Guitar tonewood should not have weak or bright spots within the tonal range.  Many of the wood species from the US Pacific NW meet these criteria, and more.  Guitar tonewood from some Pacific NW woods were well known by luthiers, but others, like Myrtlewood, Claro, Franquette & Bastogne Walnut, Port Orford Cedar, Redwood, Pistachio, Olive, Osage Orange and Douglas Fir are just now gaining notoriety.

Oregon Wild Wood offers the following guitar tonewood:

  • Guitar tonewood for solid body guitar wood
  • Guitar tonewood for hollow body guitars
  • Guitar tonewood for acoustic guitar back & side sets
  • Guitar tonewood for bass guitar top sets
  • Guitar tonewood for acoustic guitar back and sides
  • Guitar tonewood for guitar soundboards
  • Guitar tonewood for beginners
  • Guitar tonewood for master luthiers

Make your next guitar one of a kind. Every variety of guitar tonewood sold by OregonWildWood is visually unique and distinctive - even guitar tonewood within the same species vary greatly in color, contrast and figuring. You'll find the largest online selection of guitar tonewood available and each is unique.

Healthy forests are vital to all of us, for many reasons. We must preserve these precious resources for future generations. To that end, Oregon Wild Wood strives to provide guitar tonewood only from salvaged wood, trunks and stumps left behind from old timber harvests, trees that have died and/or must be removed, trees from commercial groves that become unproductive, and even wood salvaged from old buildings and structures. Your next guitar can be a source of pride in yet another way.

We strive to provide guitar tonewood that is exotic, beautiful, unique and tonally superior. Each luthier set is individually pictured giving you the opportunity to choose the perfect one for your next guitar.

Click on the links above to select the perfect guitar tonewood for you. Contact us if you would like more information to help decide which guitar tonewood is right for you. At Oregon Wild Wood, our mission is to improve the sound (and beauty and playability) of your next guitar!